Practical Guide - Lymeherbs

Practical Guide - Lymeherbs

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Application of Herbal Therapies For Lyme Disease and Coinfections

The Practical Guide contains a lot of practical knowledge about natural therapies used in Lyme disease. It will enable you to effectively plan therapy and facilitate progress monitoring.

Author: Lymeherbs

Number of pages: 54 pages

Size: 2,60 MG

Format: PDF


CHAPTER I - Lyme disease and co-infections - how to plan therapies

How to use the Planner?

Information on infections detected and symptoms observed

Borrelia - herbs and supplements


Babesia - herbs and supplements

Bartonella– herbs and supplements

Chlamydia– herbs and supplements

Erlichia / Anaplasma - herbs and supplements

Mycoplasma - herbs and supplements

Rickettsia (Rickettsia) - herbs and supplements

Yersinia - herbs and supplements

CHAPTER II - Additional recommendations

How to take care of the intestines?

Detoxification and chelation

More exercise, more sleep and less stress

When will I start to feel better?

Can borrelia be completely eliminated from the body?

CHAPTER III - What else should you remember?

Herx reaction



CHAPTER IV - Selection of herbal forms

Alcohol tinctures

Non-alcoholic tinctures - glycerates

Encapsulated herbs

Ground herbs

Cut herbs

CHAPTER V - Natural therapy protocols for the treatment of Lyme disease and co-infections

Buhner protocol

Cowden protocol.

Researched Nutritionals® protocol

Where can the herbs and supplements discussed in the guide be ordered?

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How I can to buy this book for free? I not understand, please, help.



thank you for your comment. Once you place an order for the book you should receive an automatic email with link where you can download pdf version of the book. The email should be titled "The virtual product that you bought is available for download". 

In case you did not receive this email please contact us and we'll send you the book via email.


Lymeherbs Team

All good!
rating 10
All good!
rating 10
Very helpful if you want to learn more about the herbs.

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